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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by avantgardener, Sep 10, 2008.

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    So, I've been going month to month with iPhone v1, but now want to upgrade to iPhone 3g with a family plan.

    I know I need the data + text plan for each phone. For the voice rate though, it shows one line paying $60 for 700min shared and the 2nd line paying $9.99. Is that correct? I was under the impression that the family plan rate is for 2 phones...and any additional phone should be $9.99.

    Just wanted to check to make sure before placing the online order. Thanks a bunch.
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    Yes. It's $60 for the first line. The second line is bill at 9.99. So it's only $69.99 for 2 lines for 700 rollover minutes per month.

    Remember to add $30 dollar per line for each iphone 3g you get and also add text messaging for each phone that you get.

    Basically for a 700 minute 2 family plan (69.99 for voice + $60 for 2 iphone data plans) And you are only looking at $129.99 a month not including text and not including taxes.
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    According to the above graph, its 69.99 for the 2 lines on the 700 minute plan. each additional line after 2 lines is 9.99. On the bill the main line will bill 60 dollars, and each additional line will bill at 9.99.

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    Ohh, I see what they did there then.

    I've actually got a corporate discount that brings my voice plan to $45 (700 shared) + $9.99 2nd line... and the data $22.50/each, plus $5 text. For the two lines, it's $109.99 before tax.

    Not too shabby. Thanks for the clarification!

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