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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rm2092, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Not sure if this is the right place for this but here in the south we have Cox cable wich I have no complants except that cable is way to hi and i need to make some cut backs. Cox internet is $49.99 and At&T's internet is now $19.99 so is there internet service better then the cable company, I'm sure someone here has AT&T for home interenet ?
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    I do but in Columbus Ohio. My dsl could be faster, but for 19.99, there is no way I would switch to something for 40 or 50 a month. I can stream from hulu with no problems -most of the time. You will need t put filters on your phones.

    btw, I have direct tv, and two computers wirelessly connected. My kids play streaming games, I'm on the internet, and we download movies from direct tv -the downloads, especially in hd take awhile
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    You should go to and check your area, the south is comprised of a large area spanning across various states. Check your area for comparisons between the two services and that should answer your questions.
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    AT&T mostly has DSL and some coax and I think the max is 10MB pipe.

    Most Cable companies...Umm. Hey! who am I kidding.

    Comcast and Cox has up to 50MB pipes.
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    I just made the switch from Cox to ATT, both TV and internet. I really wish I hadn't. I save $15 a month and get more channels, but it's not worth it.

    My internet plan went for 9mbps up/ 3 down to 6mpbs up/1.5 down. I didn't think this was a big issue, but netflix is MUCH slower now. Speakeasy speed tests say I'm usually around 5mbps. Uploading pictures to Flickr is PAINFULLY slow.

    As far as the TV service, don't get me started. Cox had a MUCH better picture and their hardware was 100% more reliable. ATT uses Cisco boxes that I have had nothing but trouble with. When the installer was hooking it up, he had to go through 4 cable boxes and 2 gateways to find ones that actually worked. My cable freezes all the time, has static, and bad picture. ATT tech support says its my $2,000 TV and my $250 Monster Cable HDMI cable, and want to charge me for a service call to look at the box. I never had one problem with MY equipment (or theirs, for that matter) for the 2 years I had cox.

    If I was you, I would stay with Cox.
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