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    I was looking at AT&T refurbished iPads and thought of picking one up. $429 for 32GB 3G looks awesome but I wanted to know if it has any smudges or any other cosmetic defects. Also it comes with only 90 day warranty, can I purchase Apple Care for it separately? Apple's online store tells that all refurbished iPads come with new battery and new outer shell, does AT&T iPads also come with those?

    Thanks in advance:)

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    I can only speak from my 1 experience. I purchased a refurb iPhone 3g from AT&T and it looked brand new, no scratches or anything (there may have been a smudge just because you can't touch an iphone without smudging them). All-in-all it looked like a brand new from the factory phone.

    Good luck.
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    AT&T uses a third-party service to prepare their refurbished items. They may have small scratches and it will not be in the original Apple packaging.

    I purchased two Apple 3G iPhones "Refurbished" from AT&T and while both came in great operating condition, one had very small scratchs on the Silver Apple back logo also often referenced as a scuff and the other still had someone's data on the phone. Both were in generic AT&T boxes.

    For AT&T: they do not replace the case, glass or battery. They just clean up the device, sometimes they don't even reformat them to factory state. Often you may received used accessories.

    AT&T Refurbished does not equal Apple Refurbished!


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