At&t IPhone 3GS warranty eligibility in Canada

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  1. kenkai macrumors newbie

    Jul 19, 2010
    Hello fellow apple users!
    I am an iPod touch/iPhone user in Canada.
    Recently, my iPod touch 1G has been broken.
    (I used the iPod as PDA which was way better than any pdas I have ever used.)
    So I bought used iPhone 3GS over ebay to check "the greatest phone ever made" and its amazing os, ios 4.0.
    Well anyway, since the iPhone I bought was locked to AT&T, I use the phone as normal iPod touch with camera.

    The question is
    Can I buy App care for usa iphone?
    I need to know the warranty eligibility in Canada. When I meant the eligibility, i mean full coverage as official canadain iPhone users would get.

    I do not know whether the phone has been modded or fixed by previous users ,and do not know whether the warranty void sticker is still sealed. I do not have right tools to check, but I know that the phone is not jail broken or unlocked.

    In the nutshell, I would like to know
    1. Can AT&T locked iphone 3GS be eligible under Canadian warranty, app care?
    2. If yes on the first question, then will my locked iPhone be replaced with factory unlocked iPhone?
    3.if yes on the second question, would I be provided with iPhone firmware 3.1.3? Right now, The phone is on ios 4.0, and in my opinion , the firmware is a little bit heavy to be used on 3GS.
    4. Is app care an international coverage or one app care per one nation?

    Thank you in advance for reading thread.
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    Apr 16, 2008
    At the iPhone hacks section.
    You will have to call Applecare and find out details.
    I dont think applecare is international but double check. Also all iphones come with 1 year warranty and you can purchase an additional year but you have to activate the applecare while you're still under warranty and your first year hasnt expired.
    Check your serial number and your expiration date here:
  3. kenkai thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 19, 2010
    After talk with apple canada

    Ok I talked to apple canada for 4 questions I had.
    1. They said USA iPhone will be eligible for warranty in US only which means AT&T locked iPhone (LOCKED) users in canada must buy app care in us, go to us apple store to fix/replace the phone.

    2. Locked. AT&T bloody shackle "saw 4" locked.

    3. Depends on store, but most stores offer iPhone with firmware 4.0.1

    4. One apple care protection per one country.

    I Hope my experience helps other iPhone users in canada.
    I guess only way to use USA iPhone in canada is jail breaking unless people like me use the phone without the Phone feature.
    If you are going to apple store with your pre-jail broken iPhone, please do not forget to recover the phone to factory mode either by recovery or new firmware update.

    Ps. I gotta plan a travel to us now.

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