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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by afawcett, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. afawcett, Dec 3, 2014
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    afawcett macrumors regular

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    My friend's iPhone died on her, and I was going to let her use my old iPhone 4S. However, I am on AT&T and she is on Virgin Mobile. I've done a bit of research, but the data I've found has been conflicting. Plus, a lot of it is dated and based on iOS 5 and 6.

    From what I can tell the iPhone 4S has a universal modem so it can operate on either GSM or CDMA networks. However, there are many people saying even after unlocking an iPhone 4S they have been unable to switch to other US carriers. Is this still a problem? Can it be solved by jailbreaking? I remember using something called ultrasn0w a long time ago, but I do not know if it is still applicable.

    Thank you in advance
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    Verizon will not activate any phone which was not either sold by Verizon or a Verizon model sold by Apple or authorized seller.

    they justify it by needing to "protect their network"..
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    Not possible.

    The only AT&T iPhone that can be taken to VZW is the 6/6+
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    Sorry, I meant Virgin Mobile. I said Verizon in the title because I was thinking CDMA. I wrote the Virgin Mobile in the post, and I bolded it since it seems people are not reading my post.
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    I know modern Verizon Smartphones come unlocked out of the box albeit different radios and such. I'm not so sure about the 4s but i'll give it a try. What ive gotten from modern smartphones is that you can can at the highest 3g/HSPA+ on Tmobile and ATT from a Verizon unlocked phone with changes to APN to accordance to the sim card. I'll give it a try if i were your friend and change the Access Point Names to fit the ATT sim card. I suppose she can get 2g/3g at the latest.
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    Virgin Mobile operates on Sprints CDMA network. Unfortunately, you can't use an AT&T iPhone 4s on any CDMA networks because the CDMA radio isn't activated on them.

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