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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chonzhang, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. chonzhang, Nov 4, 2014
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    chonzhang macrumors newbie

    Nov 4, 2014
    Hi guys need your help.

    I recently got an at&t iPhone 6 plus as a gift. The iPhone was purchased full price from apple store. Does anyone know if I can use a Verizon sim card on this device?


    Here are some updates. I was been pretty busy, so just went to Verizon yesterday, and the guy told me there are two options in my case 1) since it was purchased in apple store, I can go back and ask them to swap it to Verizon version 2) I can trade in my AT&T one at any VZW location for an unlocked Verizon iphone 6 without losing any value, but you will have to sign a 2-year contact (just for the service, the phone is absolutely unlocked)

    I don't want to sign the contract, so I am gonna check with apple store tomorrow.
  2. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    If it is unlocked (which it should be if it's full price), you can insert an active Verizon SIM into it and it will work, even on VZW's 3G network. I've done that with a T-Mobile iPhone 6. However, Verizon will not "activate" an AT&T iPhone 6 on their network. I.e. it will show up as "unknown." VZW may or may not sell you just a SIM card.
  3. chonzhang thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 4, 2014
    So does that mean I can use my friend's Verizon SIM to activate it and then go to VZW to buy a new number/SIM? Thanks!
  4. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    You can activate it on Wi-Fi or on AT&T for that matter. An active Verizon SIM will work as long as theh phone is unlocked. The trick will be getting a VZW for yourself if you don't already have an account. You might have better luck at an authorized VZW reseller, as a corporate VZW store may insist that you buy a phone.

    An alternative is to go assume one of the unlimited data plans that people are literally giving away on eBay (there is a glitch when adding lines on that is letting people add new unlimited lines). If you assume liability on a line (called an AOL) you will have better luck getting a SIM from a VZW store. You can just tell them you need a replacement SIM but don't have your iPhone with you.
  5. aristobrat macrumors G5

    Oct 14, 2005
    My guess is that you're probably going to have a tough time buying a new number/SIM from a store unless you also have a Verizon phone with you.

    My guess is that you'd have to do something like this: Borrow your friends phone. Take out the SIM and leave it with you friend. Take the phone into a Verizon store and sign up for a new line of service. They should give you a new SIM and activate the SIM in your friends phone. When you leave the store, take the new SIM out of your friends phone and put it in your phone. Give your friends phone back, and have them put their old SIM card back in.
  6. chonzhang thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 4, 2014
    Thanks! I will try and see how it goes!
  7. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    I AOLed out a second line to someone last night. He was able to get a Verizon store to give him an active SIM a few minutes after he assumed liability for the account. I don't know if he already had a Verizon phone.


    Here is a link to the UDP thread.
  8. jowett macrumors newbie

    Nov 6, 2014
    Let's say you managed to get a Verizon sim and have it activated and it works on the AT&T iphone 6. My question is will Personal Hotspot, Facetime over cellular and Visual Voicemail work as well? Thanks!
  9. chonzhang thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 4, 2014
    I am not too sure, since I went to VZW and they told me i can get my ATT iphone swapped to Verizon one at apple store, or just trade in at VZW, so I am gonna do that.

    Regarding your question, based on the research I have done, all those should work on the device.
  10. tritron macrumors regular

    Oct 5, 2014
    Sounds like the store is trying to rip you off. Did you ask them if you will be getting 25$ off discount for byod ? Is the store trying to give you a credit for phone then sell you verizon phone and make you pay full $40 access fee ?
    I think all esn numbers are in verizon database I had used my tmobile gold iphone 6 64gb on verizon and it was listed as such on my account.
    Did you think about getting either udp line or cricket wireless it has 10gb plan for 55$

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