Carrier AT&T iPhone 6 Water Damage & B/R Screen

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    Mar 6, 2015
    Thank you in advance to any response/help with this issue because I am upset over how I initially handled it before KNOWING how to handle it properly...

    I am giving this in great detail to see if any small specific thing I did could potentially be a HUGE issue down the line wether or not it temporarily resolves:

    Last night I was using my iPhone 6 (w/ Otterbox case) in the tub (dumb thing #1) and it fell in. I scooped it out and dried it/my hands as quickly as possible, although some residual water from my hands and on the screen made it impossible to use the touch screen. I wiped off the phone, suddenly a blue screen (iPhone's version of BSOD?) and then it switched to red.

    After this, I freaked out and laid it face down on a terry cloth. However, amidst this crisis my battery was very low (about 2%) -> (dumb thing #2 letting it get that low)... After leaving it sit to dry from the outside, it turns off from the battery and probably the damage (of course). Note: There was no soap/bath bomb or things in the water at this time - it was just water. I know pH and such can have an effect. Not sure what the quality is for the salt/such in our water here is. It is not well water. (Unsure if that's helpful to know for this)

    Before going online to see what I should and should NOT do... I panicked and kept trying to plug it in, etc. I soon came to find out, you really shouldn't be doing that because with water inside, you can short circuit and cause more damage. I grabbed some rice from the pantry, because that's the most popular thing that pops up in Google/Forums. I let it sit in the rice while I searched more.

    I tried taking out the SIM card to see if the water damage indicator had turned red/pink at all. I know that there can still be damage and the indicator still appear white. So far, physically, that checked out "OK" (no red)...

    I let it sit in the rice overnight (at this point it was 2AM when I was able to go to bed after panicking). I woke up at 8AM and tried once again to plug it in because I am very impatient (dumb thing about me #3) and have a lot of potential messages from doctors/family that come periodically. It did not turn on at all.

    I went to the AT&T store across the street where I upgraded 2 months ago (I did purchase the insurance) and they couldn't quite help me out with general knowledge about water damage to devices/hardware (as I know they are just service carriers) *was hoping the person helping me was really generally knowledgable about these things. Nope.

    They suggested I file a claim and pay $199 for a new/replacement which would show up at my door tomorrow (if done today). I am not quite looking to do this since I don't want to a) pay $199 (I am a broke broke broke college kid) and b) my dad is the primary on the account and will have to file the claim (as he does not know yet about my stupid incident)...

    Many responses seem to be: use DampRid/Rice, keep it in a dry & warm place for 2-3 days and then attempt turning it on. I know it may turn on but suffer some software damage as a result but I will cross that bridge when I get there. As for now, I just want to get my phone back ON.

    Currently: I have it sitting next to DampRid (not in it, since it turns to liquid when it captures the moisture) with a lid to seal out more moisture) My plan is to let it sit there while I am at work today (8 hour shift).

    Best suggestions?
    Note: No need to point out the obviously dumb mistakes I made (as I already have :)). I am embarrassed to have had this happen. I just need some advice!
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    Oct 1, 2010
    If the phone has that much water damage you would be better off getting an new phone and swallow the 200 hit, or get a cheaper phone of ebay or somewhere and wait until your upgrade.
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    Mar 6, 2015
    Thank you for the reply KdParker,

    I am not sure if it has THAT much damage. It was a matter of seconds submerged - although, it doesn't really mater, it can certainly cause a lot of damage. I am going to check out a store near here (Batteries Plus) that offers a water damage service (I emailed them to ask what really that entails) because if they will be taking apart the phone (I highly suspect) then that will void my insurance/warranty, correct? I do not want to jeopardize that for future need/use of that.
  4. anj20532 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 6, 2015

    After purchasing Damp-Rid for a few bucks, I took all the "stuff" out and put it in a bag, submerged the iPhone and let it sit for a few hours at work. First time it came on, b&r screen again. Second time I tried it hours later, it was stuck on Siri talking.

    Then before I left, I powered up and it came on. Siri auto started. The home button doesn't work but like rarely. I think it may be that the last of the moisture is centralized to whatever regions tied to the button. I will put it in the stuff again tonight and also hook it up to my laptop to get it "warm" - maybe that will help rid the dampness and I can transfer off important things incase I decide to use my insurance.
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    Every time you turn it on or "hook it up" you are causing more potential damage to the phone (if there is still moisture inside).
  6. anj20532 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 6, 2015
    I found this out, of course. So I have been plugging it in while there's still moisture inside (I assume)... only day #2.

    Everything is working now EXCEPT the lower volume button and the battery is acting very weird (to be expected, honestly)...

    I am going to probably pay the deductible of 199$ to get a replacement but my family says I should stick it out a few more days with silica packets/in a dry space and see if maybe even the "battery comes back" (I don't think that's possible, once damage is done to the battery there is no reverse?)

    We'll see. Thank you for the feedback.

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