AT&T iPhone Activations Flat Quarter-to-Quarter at 3.6 Million

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    AT&T today announced financial results for the second quarter of 2011, revealing that its iPhone activations remained flat compared to the previous quarter by coming in at 3.6 million. Activations were up from 3.2 million in the year-ago quarter.

    According to the report, 24% of iPhone activations during the quarter were by customers new to AT&T, a figure just slightly higher than last quarter as the new customer draw appears to be stabilizing a bit after falling over the past 12-18 months from a steady 40% rate in the early days of the iPhone.

    The second quarter of 2011 marked the first full quarter of availability for the CDMA iPhone on Verizon, which ended AT&T's iPhone exclusivity in the United States back in February. It is difficult, however, to compare exact sales numbers between the carriers and to Apple's total figures, in part because AT&T's activation numbers have historically included both new purchases and reactivation of used handsets that have been resold or passed down to other customers.

    But AT&T does note that iPhone subscriber churn was down slightly from the previous quarter when the Verizon iPhone debuted, and even that quarter showed flat churn levels for iPhone customers compared to the previous-year quarter. Together, those pieces of data suggest that AT&T is still not seeing significant numbers of its existing iPhone customers defecting to Verizon for the CDMA iPhone.

    Article Link: AT&T iPhone Activations Flat Quarter-to-Quarter at 3.6 Million
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    Maybe AT&T will use this chance to catch up their network so it doesn't drop so many calls instead of sitting on their rears like they did for so long.
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    Unfortunately AT&T was labled "worst carrier in America", with a majority being unhappy iPhone customers. So I guess they went to Verizon? Verizon has been the most reliable for me, and if you remember their "There's a map for that" commercials... it is pretty much true. But they are expensive.
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    I think the people complaining about AT&T either was a small group, switched to Android, or just like to complain and didn't do anything about it.
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    What about people switcing between iPhone and Android based smartphones? What about Android activations quarter to quarter? Does ATT give such information?
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    Verizon will get me in one of two fashions:

    1) Release a LTE iPhone (not happening soon).
    2) If the next iPhone is really a dual radio model (CDMA / GSM in the same model), then if Verizon leaves the GSM portion unlocked.

    I'm on AT&T contract free with a factory unlocked iPhone - patiently waiting what will happen next.....

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