AT&T Microcell drops calls randomly...

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    I use 2 iphone 6's & 1 5s on my At&t microcell. I drop calls on every phone maybe once or twice a day. The top green signal light on the microcell flashes for a couple seconds then the phone reconnects to microcell network after about 2 minutes. Anyone else experiencing this or know a fix? Any idea when wifi calling with att is coming?
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    Try resetting your network settings and or communicate with your Network to see if any issues exist in your area.

    In the Uk I'd suggest trying the SIM card in another phone as a process of elimination.
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    I reset network settings & deactivated my microcell and added all 3 phones from scratch. Internet speed is 120 mbps. Microcell is brand new. All phones are on ios 8.1.2.
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    I had the same problem with an AT&T microcell also. I ended up complaining to AT&T. They gave me credit for buying it, and I got rid of it and sold it

    This was more then 2 years ago.

    This is an issue that AT&T , apple and Cisco never fixed.

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