Carrier AT&T Mobile Share plans plus Roam North America

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by avanpelt, Apr 17, 2017.

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    After several months of getting nothing from retentions, they finally threw me a bone today.

    Previously, my wife and I were on a Mobile Share Value plan with 3 GB of data plus 3 GB of bonus data that retentions was able to put us on over a year ago. Several months ago, I was able to get retentions to add the Canada and Mexico Roaming Bonuses to our two lines.

    I called today and got a super friendly retentions agent who, when I asked about adding Roam North America to our lines, said she could swap out the Canada and Mexico Roaming Bonuses with Roam North America and she did.

    After that was done, I asked her if there were any deals they had that could save us a few bucks and she said that yes, she could put us on the 6 GB Mobile Share Advantage plan. As we know, retentions has "super powers" that other departments don't; and she told me the cost of the 6 GB plan would be $40.00 instead of the normal $60.00. We had been paying $40.00 for the 6 GB MSV plan so that remains the same. However, as is standard with the MSA plans, the smartphone access fee is $20.00 instead of the $25.00 it was on the MSV plan. So, my bill just went down $10/month. I'll take it.

    On top of that, we have a 24% FAN discount that will apply toward the $40.00 cost of the plan, so we'll be paying $70.40/month plus fees and taxes for 6 GB of rollover data and we'll be able to use our entire bucket of data in Canada and Mexico instead of just 1 GB per device.

    As with everything else, YMMV; but it's worth a shot. Just remember to be friendly with the retentions agent. That usually goes a long way. Feel free to tell the retentions rep you speak to that one of your friends was just able to get this deal and you were hoping to get the same. After all, we're all friends here, right? :)
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    I was thinking of switching to T-Mobile but called AT&T and was also connected to a friendly retentions agent and she was able to upgrade me from the 3 GB Mobile Share Advantage to the 6 GB plan and Roam North America for the same price I was paying. Thanks for your post!
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    Just got the same deal minus the roaming which I don't care about since I don't plan on traveling that far. It definitely pays to call them once in a while.

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