AT&T Next 6+ through, 7-10 days - can I camp / cancel?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fs454, Sep 12, 2014.

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    So in the craziness of last night and Apple not coming up for hours I managed to finally get my order in for a Space Grey 128GB 6+, but it's not coming on launch day (7-10 days) and since I'm working on a music tour, I don't really have the ability to receive a shipment without it being risky and going to a hotel. I really need to do a store pickup to get a new phone.

    I'm planning on camping out in San Antonio TX where we've got a day off the night of the 18th to try and score one on launch day, but my question is - can I buy a phone on AT&T at the apple store on launch day and then cancel my order, or will they overlap and cause issues? I really want to keep my order in just in case I turn up with nothing after the night of camping.

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    If you already have a NEXT order on that line you will have to cancel it before you can order another iPhone via the AT&T NEXT program. If you keep the one you have now it will show that you are not eligible for NEXT on the 19th.
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    Your going to have issues cause you already used up your upgrade eligibility. You'll have to cancel and make sure your eligibility is reset so you won't have a problem when you pick up. So far the reset can take 2 business days to reset from what I researched on my own and talking to att rep. I'm in the same boat as well.

    Seeing the demand for the iphone+ I think you need to be there early as hell on the 18th to be the first handful of people to get a 64gb, 128gb iphone+ without a pre-order. i don't think i want to do that so I might just wait it out.
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    You can cancel your order with ATT yourself here or by calling. I had mine cancel by AT&T rep. and the system said I was eligible for an upgrade again after the cancellation/reset went into effect took about 5 min... I had order the NEXT previously with ATT...Those who say it may take up to 2 days mine took less than 5 min to reset online. I re-order the iPhone via Apple site as I had a reservation spot secure from last night now ships 9/19 :D Same with Apple you can cancel the order soon before it ships and you should be good to go.

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