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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EthanNixon, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys! I don't create threads too often, I can usually find the answer I am looking for, but wasn't sure what to search for this time around.

    I purchased my iPhone 6 128GB Gold at an Apple Store and have until November 8 to return it. I am not thinking of returning it, and would just like to exchange it for an iPhone 6 Plus (Internet says they have stock at my local store, and the Internet isn't wrong). I'm not 100% sure how that process would work, since I used the Next program. I'm assuming the worst that could happen is, I return it, and then rebuy it through the sane process?

    Has anyone done this, or does anyone know the process for this?

    I'm coming from a Lumia 1520, so I am just used to the size now, and I'm a big boy. :)


    Never mind, found my answer guys!
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    I had something similar happen. I accidentally preordered the 6+ and didn't realize it till it showed up at my house on launch day. The next day I took it to the Apple store to try and exchange. I bought on Next. Initially they told me they couldn't do anything to exchange. They said I would have to return the 6+ and wait for my Next status to be reset which was going to take days. Fortunately, they had 4 AT&T reps on site that day to help with problems. One of the reps was able to get on the phone and call someone (she couldn't do it herself) and get my Next status reset immediately and I was able to swap phones. So it is possible but not sure if it is a routine thing that can easily be done.
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    If you purchased a phone using EDGE/JUMP/NEXT, and you want to exchange, they can't do a straight out exchange at all. They will have to process a return reset your eligibility and then repurchase the phone again using EDGE/JUMP/NEXT.

    Since I am on AT&T and have used AT&T Next before, what I can tell you is that it can take from less than 5 minute up to 72 hours for the eligibility to reset. When I did the exchange I did get the eligibility back in 2 minutes after the sales rep processed the return.

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