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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bfh123, Sep 25, 2014.

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    I've seen a lot of people saying that want to return their phone of the other model (6+ for a 6 and vice versa) and it got me thinking to about how that would work with Next.

    With Next you're technically still "under contract" until the total cost of the phone is paid off, or you can upgrade after a certain period by trading your phone in. (ie. 18 months on the Next 24 plan).

    What happens if you're say a year into your contract and think "You know what, I really want that 6s +)? How does that work? do you still get a trade in credit and pay the difference, or do you pay it off and then sell it on your own?

    Sorry if this was asked already, I didnt see it and am just curious.
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    You can absolutely just pay it off and get a new NEXT phone anytime you want.

    All the rules they have are related to trading it in to AT&T. So sometimes yes and sometimes no. It'll depend on your exact circumstance.

    But anytime you want to pay it off you're free to. It's not a contract.
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    See in Bold
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    Not quite your same situation, but went through something similar to this on Sunday when I ordered a 6 plus. I had purchased a Note 3 in Feb. through Next 12 month. I still owed about 4-5 months to hit the 12th month minimum to trade. They allowed me to pay off the remaining $180 or so and then examined my current Note 3 to make sure it was in good condition. They then placed the order for the 6 plus and informed me that when it arrives, I will also receive a box to return the Note 3 to them. If I break it in the meantime, I'm responsible for paying it off in full. Unfortunately, looks like I'm waiting somewhere between 10/29-11/7 :( They said, however, I would have 14 days to trade the 6 plus after receipt if I wanted to go with the regular 6.

    I enjoyed my Note, but the only reason I purchased it was because I wanted that "phablet" in between size and the Note was the only real phone that had it at the time. Very happy to be making the move back to Apple.

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