AT&T nightmare imei mistakes, false unlock reports, etc.

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    Ported service. They couldn't manually generate a bill. The monthly rolls around and one day of service is listed as $150. Hour later they sorted that out but yet no second bill. Went to unlock iPhone 5, received message imei doesn't exist. 1.5 hours on the phone with apple, who were great getting an official drafted letter documenting replacements. Another hour with art, who finally admitted they had it wrong. Placed a note to unlock the proper imei.

    Get the email saying it's finished give it 24 hours, backup restore, activate the new nano sim.....invalid SIM card

    Call AT&T 45 mins in store - it's unlocked on our side. They conference with apple who say it's definitely not unlocked. They schedule a case review for the 13th. This will be six weeks, if they even get it right this time.

    Moral of the story. If you're using an intermediary phone, don't activate the new sim without calling apple. They can tell you what the activation status lock is now and what it will be after a restore.

    What a blooming nightmare. Anyone been through something similar.. Constant AT&T screw ups or them saying it's unlocked but that being untrue? Any advice? This was old 2 weeks ago, let alone from now.

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    Sounds like an apple issue. AT&T doesn't unlock iPhones it's all handled on Apples end through the online system that has been set up.
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    AT&T does unlock iphones. Apple will not unlock a iphone for you, you have to go through AT&T.
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    This is how I understand it as well and have gone through phone unlocks with AT&T.

    I'm not so sure what is going on with the OP.

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