AT&T - Orders Placed before 5AM Eastern Time 9/12/14 will be Shipped This Friday

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Inframan, Sep 16, 2014.

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    This Just in As of 5:45AM Pacific Standard Time or 8:45AM Eastern Standard Time​


    Please Take this with a grain of salt and do not get your hopes up. I have been through the ringer with AT&T for the last 4 days. I placed my order 10 Mins before the preorder even started and its been an utter nightmare with credit cards getting declined for no reason and shipment dates changing to 11/09/14 - 11/27/14 and tons of other errors.

    So this morning I dedicated two hours to trying to get this figured out and spoke to 3 different reps and 2 supervisors. Both Supervisors confirmed to me that
    As of one hour ago my order for the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Silver went from "Order Processing" to "Prepping To Ship" so I thought there might be a chance that what these two supervisors told me is true.

    So again, please don't get your hopes up but i thought it was worth posting since the 2nd supervisor confirmed this to me without her even knowing the first supervisor also confirmed the same thing to me. There may or may not be truth to this.

    Either way - Good Luck to us all!

    Attached is a Screen Shot of My order.

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    Maybe. I'm not so sure though. My 6+ (128, gold), was ordered well within the timeframe you state. It originally said Shipping 10/13-10/22. It was subsequently moved forward, to 10/2-10/13. And, my Order Status page read "Preparing To Ship" the entire time.

    This contrasts with my wife's 6 (128, space gray), ordered at the same time, and (except for a few hours the other day) has remained steady on shipping 9/17-18 for delivery 9/19.

    HOWEVER, I got a strange email this morning, in connection with the 6+ order. The subject line was: Regarding your order number xyxyxyxy. And all the email body contained was a thank you for the order and that I could get the latest status on the order at the order status page (duh).

    The order status page hasn't changed for me. However, "something" is happening behind the scenes at ATT which prompted the email. It may be that the 6+ will in fact ship for the 19th or close to it. However, I'm not holding my breath! What a pleasant surprise it would be though...
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    I hope you are correct. I placed two orders (6+ 64GB SG and 6+ 16GB SG) at 2:18AM CST and 2:21AM CST. Didn't get any emails till about 6:15AM that morning. My current status says "Preparing to ship" on one page and "Processing Order" on another one. Current shipping date bumped up to 10/13-10/22 (from 10/31-11/11). At the time I placed the order, the website had said 7-10 business days.

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