Carrier AT&T Raises Prices on AT&T Next iPhones by $110

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DipDog3, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Not really...

    Are you sure there wasn't a deposit required at the time of purchase when it was $27/mo for 20 months?

    If you do the math, $32.50/mo for 20 months is $650, which is the cost of an iPhone (unlocked) purchased outside of any contract, so they're not really charging you any more for the phone than what you would pay for it out of contract anyways.

    Marketing is always about "moving the money" and making it seem like the consumer is getting a great deal when, if you take the time, it's determined to not be so great. It's like when a car dealer gives you a "lower" monthly payment on that new car during negotiations, but you notice that your interest rate went up about 1%-1.5% per month from the previous offer.

    It's the infamous magician's "slight of hand" trick =)
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    No deposit. I went through the process and there were no other fees besides tax on the $540 that you financed. It was actually a really good price.

    I guess AT&T could make up the difference because they were still charging you the higher subsidized rate plan. Now with the Mobile Share Value Plan, they are "losing" $15/month so they jacked the price back up.
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    You are not taking into account that with a contract you have the subsidy they give you included in the monthly bill, estimated to be about $20 a month. What made edge so bad was you are still paying that subsidy (as someone on contract) in your monthly bill, and aslo paying the edge fee. In essence you are paying twice. This is what made edge a lousy deal for the customer but a hell of a deal for ATT.
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    AT&T, making strides in the wireless industry one ripoff at a time. Gotta love it.

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