Carrier AT&T raising its activation fees

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Tig Bitties, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Sep 6, 2012
    AT&T raising its activation fees to $45, off-contract customers slammed with $15 charge

    AT&T wireless customers will come across a very unpleasant surprise. The carrier will raise its activation fees starting August 1st. What’s even more frustrating is that not even off-contract users will be safe from AT&T’s new charges.

    I've been on ATT for 3 years, and their service has been great fro me in the Chicago land area. But **** like this, makes me wanna leave on principle, and this is the tipping point. I joined ATT back when the Note 2 was new, and I unlocked it, rooted, and installed Custom ROM's on ti the first month it came out, and it was awesome. But since then it's all down hill for any Samsung device on this network, with locked bootloaders, and lack of root etc...

    I have lately just been using off contract devices like the OnePlus One and Nexus phones. But with all their pricing ****, and extra charges, and hidden fees, they have become the new evil carrier, that Verizon used to be, but ATT took over that spot for top greedy cooperate douche carrier.

    How's T-Mobile in the Chicago area ? I'm thinking a Note 5 on T-Mobile, with unlocked bootloader might be in my future.
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    I went back to gophone for my wife and I, but we are not heavy data users. On the $45 1.5 Gb plan then throttles at 128kbps I believe. No bs fees or taxes, can buy cards for less than face value too. They have ran promos for $5 off for autopay but it is not active now.
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