AT&T rep giving false information regarding Iphone upgrad

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by butters149, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I talked with an AT&T rep this afternoon for 45 minutes and called again later just to make sure with another group of call center reps. Found out what she "noted" in the system was not what she told me. I talked with the supervisor and he said he would send her supervisor some kind of complaint on my behalf. I even got his name and employee ID number. Is there anything else I can do?

    Basically she said I could upgrade to the Iphone 4 with the standard discount and even had her manager approved it. She even told me the price $199/$299 for the Iphone 4.

    Basically I have a family plan with 3 lines, but not all 3 were open together. The first line was opened up 1 month before the other 2 with the Iphone 3GS subsidized price, after my other 2 lines came on board, I transferred the Iphone from the 1st line to one of the other 2. Meanwhile my 1st line was still my primary line. The first line received the standard upgrade at 9/19/2010 while the other 2 was sometime in 2011. But she specifically told me that her supervisor at that time granted the standard discount on the 1st line so that I may pre-order on June 15th.

    Just wondering but is there anythign else I can do? I knew these things go on where they could just lie over the phone and enter whatever they want into the system. Which was what she did, should I start recording calls?
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    I think the reps are confused. They are not lying. If you are not eligible for a discount, just because someone told you in error that you are eligible for a discount does not change the fact that you are not. Even if you tape the conversation.
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    Same reminder as last year, the notes on your account do not have any impact on your equipment upgrade eligibilty. They are just notes.

    Before you start recording calls, please check your state's laws so you don't get to go to jail instead of purchasing a discounted iPhone 4.

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