AT&T says my iPhone 2G is a V4

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    I had an issue with my iPhone a few weeks ago. The home button stopped responding at all. So I dug out an old Samsung I had and asked AT&T to turn of the iPhone data plan.

    A few days later after dropping the iPhone on the ground the home button started working again. So I called AT&T back to turn the data plan back on. Unfortunately the agent did not do what I asked, she just set me for unlimited data, instead of a iPhone data plan. AKA no visual voicemail, in fact I had no voicemail at all.

    I figured that out yesterday, so I called to find out what the problem was. AT&T claimed that my phone was still the Samsung and that I should not be using the iPhone, even though I requested the data plan. Their notes don't even mention me asking for anything to do with the iPhone. Poor customer service, the first agent I spoke to started to yell at me that I did not ask for what I claimed and that the iPhone is not linked to my account.

    She did ask me for the IMEI number to link it back, then told me her terminal prompted her to 'alert the customer, they need to connect to iTunes and choose a data plan for the iPhone V4!' :confused: She also told me the cheapest data plan was $40. When I told her it is impossible for my 2G iPhone to be a version that has not been released, she raised her voice. At which point I asked to be transfered to someone else, because I'm not going to argue with someone that obviously does listen.

    One of the supervisors came on the line, and got me on a data plan I needed, but continued to tell me, my unique IMEI number on my 2G is now assigned to a V4. :eek: How in the heck is that even possible?
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    that is odd. give it a day and call them again, something is screwy in their system.

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