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Oct 4, 2012
I screwed up! My wife and I had the family share plan and I reserve purchased both our phones at Apple. Thinking they would continue to fall under our current contract of $100 plus $15 per phone because we have two other lines on our current plan. My wife just called to double check with Att and they said it's now two separate lines plus $40 per smartphone. So I need ideas/options. If we return our phones to apple could they move it under the family plan or is that not even offered at apple? Is their a restocking fees if returned to apple within 14 days? If so would we revert back to our original plans at Att?

She has the 6 and thinks it's ok and not that much of an upgrade difference coming from the 5. I purchased the 6+ and love it but adding a case really changes things such as fitting it into my jeans and carrying it around.


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May 1, 2011
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If you return them there's a $35 restocking fee, each.
If you were both eligible for an upgrade then you both should also have been eligible for a Next upgrade.
I would think that they could convert both phones back to a shared plan using Next.
The line charge should drop back down to $15 each and the upgrade fee they charged you should be credited.
Not sure how they'd handle the pricing of the phones though.
If you paid $199 each up front I suppose they'd just apply that amount to the taxes on the phones (Next has to pay the taxes up front) and then credit the rest to your account.
Worth a phone call anyway.


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Nov 14, 2012
You can definitely return the phones and go back to your original plan, however, I think you may be a bit confused about how your phones will be billed now.

$100 for data and then $15 per line sounds like the new mobileshare value plan. As you discovered, that plan is only for out of contract phones or phones that were upgraded with the NEXT program. You could also get on that plan with a phone that was under contract as long as the contract was started before a certain date (somewhere around February or March of 2014), but if you do a subsidized phone upgrade, then you no longer qualify for the value plan on those lines.

However, there is no need for the upgraded phones to be separate lines. They can remain part of your plan, but the cost will go up to $40 per line instead of $15 per line. So at this point you *should* still be paying $100 for data, $15 per line for the two other lines that weren't upgraded, and $40 per line for the two lines that were upgraded.


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Jul 28, 2007
Op purchased from Apple Store. No restocking fee. Best buy doesn't have restocking fee as well. I don't think costco Walmart or target have restocking fees.

Another reason to never purchase cell phone from carriers themselves because of restocking fee.
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