AT&T Subscription Text Message Service-Fraudulent Charges

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Tarp09GT, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Jun 17, 2009
    I wanted to see if anyone else has had an issue similar to mine. In April I noticed that there was a $10 charge for a subscription text message service (weekly horoscopes notices apparently). Well it was on my wife's phone so I figured she signed up for something and she just did not realize it.

    On the bill it says to text "stop" to a certain short code to cancel the service. I have my wife do this and she gets a text back that says "You are not enrolled in any of our services. For help call..." So I take a look and it turns out that it had been on my bill for the last 9 months. After I see this I call the help desk and tell them the situation. They basically say well we can only reimburse you for half. The other half you have to get from AT&T. I explain that I am not going to try and get my money back piece meal. They even had the balls to say "well by paying your bill you agree to all charges". This pushes me over the edge so I hang up to call AT&T.

    Then I call AT&T and catch them up on the situation. They say well we can reimburse you for 3 months only. I say this will not do. I never asked for this service and am pretty upset about it at this point. The AT&T rep starts to give me the run around and even says "well by paying your bill you agree to all charges". At this point I am LIVID! I tell them that I need to speak to the supervisor. When he gets on he gives me the same BS. I tell him that I will cancel my $150 a month plan if AT&T does not make this right. He keeps saying there is nothing he can do because AT&T does not bill me but the 3rd party does. I say I can't believe that AT&T cant control what goes on my bill. He says he is sorry but offers me roll over minutes... WTF. At this point I tell him I will be calling back to cancel after setting up new services.

    I go over this with my wife and I am PISSED. She says let me call them and talk to them. 15 Mins later she has all $90 reimbursed to our account!!! WTF!!! She told the rep what I went through and the rep said that was strange as it is no big deal and easy to fix.

    Well the $10 charge is back. Luckily they credit it back with no questions asked but I am rather concerned that they cannot stop fraudulent charges from getting put on my bill. At one point in talking to a rep he says that he has seen this before and I just have to keep calling and bugging and eventually it will stop. I am just blown away! If it shows up on my June bill I am seriously considering legal action.

    Has anyone ever seen this before? If so how did you fix it? If not, look closely at your bill because the charge is literally the last item at the very bottom of the bill.
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    Jun 17, 2009
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    This has happened to me before too. I was able to get all the charges reimbursed. But at the time I had combined billing. I dealt with Att residential, not wireless.

    You need to call Att and have them put a pin block on your services, to prevent this from happening again.
  4. Resist macrumors 68030

    Jan 15, 2008
    Cancel the AT&T text service and use the Textfree Unlimited app, it is free.
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    At one point my dad was receiving texts about some weather thing that he didn't sign up for. After doing the whole 'stop' thing a couple times, he called them and said that he will personally charge them $20 for every text they send him because it's harassment. They immediately stopped.

    So I'm kinda confused though...are you getting any messages or anything for this?
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    Jun 3, 2010
    Call 611 and have them put a block on media downloads, it will stop the charges. 2nd text back the # for horoscopes STOP

    Had to do this on my dad's line when he had the same thing happen. They will reverse the charges too.
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    Jun 17, 2009
    The AT&T reps talked about the block pin but they said this can interfere with downloading apps which would negate the purpose of the iPhone.

    As far as texting "STOP" that is just it I have already and got a reply that I was not enrolled in any of their services...

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