AT&T throttling based on data plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by petrucci666, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I have an iPhone 5 and have been curious about LTE speeds. I'd hear people get incredible speeds and was pretty envious that I wasn't getting the same.

    I'm on AT&T and until 2 days ago I had the standard 3GB plan for $30. Then I switched over to a 5GB plan with tethering for $38.50 (have a FAN discount). The reason I switched over is that I bought an iPad Mini and would tether to it instead of buying an LTE iPad.

    It was a world of difference in data speeds/ping etc.

    Notably, the Ping has decreased drastically and I'm now consistently getting around 50-60ms everywhere I go. What's interesting is that the Upload and Download speeds have basically switched positions. Now Uploads are low, Downloads are high.

    I'm sure that me switching caused this to happen. Is it even legal for AT&T to cripple the data speeds like that?

    p.s. The screenshot says 4G but it is usually LTE.


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