AT&T unsubsidized ip4S + corporate discount?

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    Nov 16, 2008
    Anyone know if you can get a corporate discount on an unsubsidized iPhone 4S purchase/service from AT&T.

    The online ordering system appears to only allow for a subsidized iPhone 4S purchase with my corporate (25%) monthly discount. I'm NOT interested in getting in bed with AT&T for 2 years, hence the desire for an unsubsidized purchase.

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    The iPhone 4S is not available unlocked at full price at this time.
  3. Menel macrumors 603


    Aug 4, 2011
    I don't think my corp discount has ever applied to the handset portion of price.
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    No... If you want a discount on the phone then don't look around, Apple Retail Stores nor do ANY Apple authorized resellers may not give discounts on iPhones. They say if you do then sign a contract.

    Corporate discounts that Apple does is:
    -iPads (may not be doing the 2% on the iPad 2 yet though as towards the end of the original.)
    -Third Party Accessories (excluding Bose)
    -Apple Software and Accessories

    And that should cover your Corp discount for Apple Retail Stores and the site if your corporation has a dedicated site through Apple so you can get like different configs for Mac but most of the time the same as retail.

    EDIT: Please note that this does not say you cannot do trade ins such as Apples, Radio Shack, Best Buy and others.
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    Nov 16, 2008
    Seems my first post was somewhat confusing.

    I'll try a different approach:
    Anyone have an AT&T non-subsidized iphone4 with a corporate discount on the service?

  6. Justim, Oct 9, 2011
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    Yes, you can have the $20 (may be different for your company and service provider) corporate plan with an iPhone. In order to have this plan, you are not allowed to be in contract. If you want to purchase the iPhone, you must do so at the full, undiscounted price(or purchase from a 3rd party) and pay any ETF for ending your contract.

    They don't care if you're using a iPhone, jPhone, or a toaster... As long as they don't pay for it.

    I think you can only buy the phone(or toaster) from an actual store.

    Edit: so typing that, I realized there's two corporate plans. FAN discounted and the employee plan.

    If your company has a deal to apply a FAN discount to your AT&T plan, that does not require a contract. You may purchase the iPhone at full price and shove a micro sim in it at your conveinience or buy a subsidized phone and enter a contract. Your choice. Just like any other person. FAN discounted get no special treatment other than a discount on the main line's voice plan(that's right no discount on the texting, data, or 2nd+ line if you have a family plan). I you leave the company, you keep your discount.

    If you sell AT&T phones at any reseller, you're offered the employee plan. Your AT&T rep has to be the one in control of your account and has to be the one to create your account. That's the plan I posted about originally. If you leave the company, you lose your plan.

    I opted for the FAN discount and a contract. Those phones ain't cheap!

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