AT&T Upgrade from iPhone 4 to 4S ?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by winks360, Dec 11, 2011.

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    OK so last year when the iPhone 4 came out you could upgrade from the iPhone 3GS, if you bought the 3GS the year prior between launch date and christmas.

    So, if last year I bought the iPhone 4 on Launch date, that should mean by now I should be eligible for an upgrade to the 4S?
    Am I wrong in this?

    So, today I went to get my upgrade and get the 4S and they said I'm not eligible.

    I was wondering, if anyone else on AT&T that bought the iPhone 4 on or around launch date was able to upgrade to the 4S? Or, is it just me?

    I tried to call AT&T, but the lady that I talked to didn't seem to know what she was talking about. And was not even answering questions I was trying to ask.

    I could be totally wrong.
    But it was a major let down thinking I was going to get the 4S today and leaving empty handed.
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    they changed their policy a little while ago the new policy is either wait out ur whole contract or pay 450 instead of the 650 for the phone with a new 2 year contract i would recommend selling ur 4 and then paying the 450 for it if u really need it though siri is very useful i would not recommend upgrading
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    Most people don't take the time to read their contract. As a result there is lots of assuming & guessing going on. AT&T has never had a "special" policy for iPhones. They simply revised the existing policy for all cell phones they sell. It went from a static two year term, to a dynamic & flexible upgrade date based on a set of variables.

    Things like how much you spend per month. What features you add to your plan, etc. I've always enjoyed upgrading both my Android & iPhones each year. AT&T doesn't care what kind of phone you buy. Especially since Apple charges them so much, they make less on iPhones than top of the line Androids.
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    Thanks for the responses. I can see how that makes a sense.

    You would think that if Apple wants to makes sales even higher they would price it so that everyone can upgrade every year. (not that their sales are hurting or anything) but it would defenatly help.

    Or you would think that AT&T (etc.) would want you to upgrade every year to keep customers from switching, by locking in a renewed 2 year contract.
    i.e. Now I am going to skip getting the 4S so that I can get the iPhone "5" when it comes out. But when that comes I will be free to switch to a different network. That's a risk on AT&T's part, seeing as they are the worst network (according to consumer reports).

    I guess we'll see what harvest yeilds.
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    It varies from line to line. I bought two iPhone 4 at the beginning of June of 2010. My main line became eligible on 12/1/11. My second line isn't eligible until March 2012.
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    I know they do offer earlier upgrades to higher spending customers but my plan has the least amount of minutes, grandfathered $5/250 text message option, unlimited data with only one line and I was eligible for an upgrade mid November (bought my iPhone 4 on launch day)--don't see why the OP wouldn't have the exact same situation as you can't spend much less with AT&T than I do.

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