AT&T Visual Voicemail and Google Voice?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by illegalprelude, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Hey everybody. So for sometime, I've had a Google Voice number on my iPhone so my personal numbers ring my AT&T number while my business calls come to my Google Voice number, which is ultimately the same phone.

    The problem with this method is, even calls to my normal number, get routed to Google Voicemail. For a while, this has been fine, I even have different voicemails setup for different people, but this becomes problematic at times and I would like to separate the two. Whoever dials my AT&T number gets my normal AT&T voicemail that you can setup from your iPhone and those who call my Google Voice Number get routed to that voicemail.
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    I experienced the same issue as you with my Google Voice. Every voicemail I received, regardless of whether or not it was to my cell phone or my Google Voice number, was being routed to my Google Voice.

    I solved this by going into my Voice Settings in Google Voice (you have to go through your browser). Go into the Phones tab (it should be the very first thing you see) .... and you have to make sure you "Deactivate Google Voicemail on this phone". Once you deactivate, people who call your google voicemail will just be directed to your Google Voicemail greeting.
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    My SETTINGS on the website are as follows:

    [Phones] (tab)
    - Your Google Voice Number > Forwards to: Mobile (*under here: I don't [and won't ever] "Activate Google voicemail on this phone")

    [Voicemail & Text] (tab)
    - Voicemail Notifications (ALL unchecked)
    - Text Forwarding (UNchecked)
    - Voicemail Transcripts (checked)

    Thus, I separate my business voicemails (coming through Google Voice number) from my personal voicemails (coming through my regular cell number).

    If this isn't clear you can post your question and get help at their direct help forum:
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    The only voicemails going to google are from people who dialed your google number...check your settings

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