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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jtmo3, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Anyone know when at&t wifi calling actually turns on on the iphone? Sometimes it's on with three bars, sometimes it's not with one bar.Anyone know the particulars on what it takes for at&t's wifi to come on? Seems to be no set way or time it's on, even though it's usually always on in settings.
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    Mine varies with signal strength. Bars/dots are a poor way to determine signal strength. If you are at a wifi site for extended time like home and you want to turn on wifi calling just select airplane mode and turn on wifi. My att LTE signal is week at home. Att wifi is much stronger, so I turn on airplane and then wifi. Phone defaults to wifi calling with stronger signal through my home wifi. Battery lasts much longer as well.

    Weird part is how fast wifi calling is. Usually connected before a ring. Also seems to me, much clearer sound on wifi calling.

    Another way is to turn off cellular. My signal is one dot with cellular, and five dots when I turn off cellular and let it do only wifi calling. Odd part is it doesn't say wifi calling, but is as cellular is off and calls still come through, and much better than with cellular on.
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    My AT&T WiFi calling experience mirrors yours. I'm extremely pleased with its speed, clarity, battery life and ease of connecting. Far better than I anticipated, I'm thoroughly satisfied.
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    I was still able to get calls with cellular off on my Verizon iPhone 6 before they even introduced wifi calling. You still can do calls/SMS but no MMS or data with cellular data disabled.
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    I'm sure it tests your connection, and if it's up to AT&T's standards, you'll get Wi-Fi calling. If not, AT&T doesn't want you blaming them for a terrible quality call when it's your terrible Wi-Fi causing it.
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    Right now I can compare T-mo and Att vowifi. I want to say that my choice is Att. T-mo vowifi has worse sound quality and I always turn it off during the phone call. With Att I see no difference vowifi or volte.
    I like T-mobile more as a company, but try to be objective.

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