At the Apple Store to take the Apple Watch Basics Class

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    Hello everyone!

    Like many of you, I was in the 12:04, SG, Black Sport Band, EOD, My-Wife-Got-Her's-Today-But-I-Didn't boat.

    But, before I knew that I'd be odd man out, I managed to snag two spots for the Apple Watch Basics Course at the Pasadena store.

    I wanted to cancel, but my wife wanted to go, and I had to be a good sport (haha!). Anyway, not to be outdone, I've got my substitute watch in the meantime (mine's on the left) :D

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    So, we were there about an hour. The Apple Store employee was great. Very entertaing and he was learning a bit about the watch as we went along, too.

    I showed the Apple employees my "apple watch" and one of them asked "So you got the email of death?" Haha!! :D

    They said that there was only one fully functional Apple Watch in the whole store...the one the employee was using for the demo, and that it had just come in this morning. There were three other people in the class: Two had got their 38mm SS White Sport Band & 42mm SS ML at about 1:30pm and the other was getting his 38mm SS ML delivered tonight.

    There were plenty of try-on spots open and the store was "medium" busy. All in all, I didn't really learn anything new about the Apple Watch -- since I had set up my wife's watch and was "adjusting and optimizing" it all afternoon :) -- but it was cool to see other people just as excited about there new piece of tech as me.

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