ATI/AMD cards and current compatiblity

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by IIcx, May 20, 2017.

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    Jan 29, 2017
    I've been hunting around for a video card upgrade, and was wondering if anyone with experience could confirm the current support and usability of ATI cards. I've currently got my cobbled together 2008/3.1 MacPro running a 750ti, which minus boot screens pulls its own weight. But I've been using it more and more now with Final Cut 10.3 and most people say the end all cards to have with Final Cut are AMD based ones, so I've been trying to sort out what the status of the AMD cards are.

    So currently my understanding is that:
    7950/280x - Working, Boot screen if flashed, but power management issues on the 2008 Pros (Is this still a problem in 10.11/10.12?)

    Rx460- Working in 10.12, mostly plug and play,

    470/480/Fury- Working in 10.12 with kext mods

    If anyone could chime in with their current experiences with any AMD cards their using it would be most appreciated. Very curious on thoughts about Final Cut Pro render times with any of the above cards vs Nvidia, mostly lower to mid-range cards if possible. While I like my old 3.1, its not my main computer and will not be getting a 1080 or Titan any time soon. I am aware that many other factors can effect render time, but mainly just wanted to keep this related to the ATI cards/performance thoughts.
    Thinking about a Rx460, or 7950 if it makes that big of impact in Final Cut, if not a 1060.
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    Jan 29, 2017
    Wow, thanks for the link! I'm quite surprised that on export the AMD made that big of a difference. I was somewhat worried that a move from the 750ti to a 460 would be a bit of a sideways move.
    That video makes a 480 look real tempting, but it would probably be a waste to tuck one in the 3.1.
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    Aug 14, 2007
    Your list looks fine. All Tahiti based GPUs (7950, 7970, 280, 280X) are affected by the PM bug, which can be solved by trashing some Intel PM kexts. Requires disabling SIP on 10.11/10.12 though. Besides that they're perfectly fine, especially as FCPX card.

    Additionally you could for Tonga (R9 285, 380, 380X) or Hawaii (290X, 390X). Drivers are less table though (especially Hawaii), and you'll need an external PSU on those monster GPUs (290X, 390X).
  4. Fangio macrumors 6502

    Jan 25, 2011
    RX 560/570/580 are working fine too of course. Polaris refresh, same device IDs, so same kext mods apply.

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