ATI Extensions Causing Boot Hang

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by FuzzballFury, Jun 6, 2013.

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    After I got my Pismo running, one of the immediate issues I experienced was that would stop loading and the system would hang at a certain point, even with a virgin System Folder. The system was hanging when loading a certain extension, which I eventually narrowed down to the "ATI Resource Manager." Believing the files I had were corrupt or damaged, I collected the files listed in this guide to a more stable OS9, and although with them the system would successfully boot, Finder was 100% unresponsive.
    After much futzing, it boils down to if any version of that extension exists in the folder, the system is a doorstop. If this file is not in the extensions folder, the system runs, but is almost unusable for anything practical due to the abysmal refresh rate. I've fought with this thing so much any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I finally got down to playing with it a bit, and still, even with the latest drivers available, the computer still hangs at the ATI logo extension if ATI Resource Manager is present. However, if I removed "ATI Graphics Acceleration" from the extensions folder, the boot would progress past the point the Resource Manager made it stall, and ended up hanging at the very end of the loading bar. I tried running Conflict Catcher, which caught nothing, and just to make sure, I moved the extensions folder out and made a new one with nothing but the ATI extensions in it. Still hung.
    Anybody got any other ideas here? :confused:

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