ATI Remote Wonder v.2.0.1 Works on Leopard

Discussion in 'macOS' started by eji, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I Googled and Googled for this answer yesterday before installing but I didn't find anything. So I'm starting a thread to help out anyone in the same boat.

    The ATI Remote Wonder software seems to work as well for me in Leopard as it did on earlier versions of OS X -- which is to say, perfectly. There aren't any keyboard or keymapping issues so far, and it's a dream for pre-IR Macs like mine that now benefit from the inclusion of Front Row with Leopard.

    The latest version (2.0.1) of the software is available here. I do wish that ATI would come out with updated drivers, since anything released in December of 2005 could probably use some fine-tuning by now, but it seems to be working smoothly in spite of the lack of updates.

    It's still PPC-only, however, so Intel users will have to content themselves with the alternatives. Sorry. I personally think the RW is one of the best remote solutions available.
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    Dec 18, 2007
    I have a Remote Wonder Plus and it is working in Leopard. However, I've noticed thousands of entries in the Console Messages log for Remote Wonder like lowChar and OutString after Keyaction, which is a little worrisome.

    Do you have similar entries in your log?

    Not sure which remote you have but I've also noticed some weird behavior when the Remote ID in the control panel is set to the actual ID rather than 'All'. When set this way some of the keys work and some don't, regardless of which ID the remote is set to. If 'All' is selected then all the keys function normally.

    I share your enthusiasm for Remote Wonder. Glad to have found your post.

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