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    I went to the Lenox Mall Apple Store this weekend to inquire about how often they have been getting shipments. The girl was very open & honest with me. She said that they get their shipments each evening & usually know if they got any iPads before closing each night. She said that if you call them at closing time, they have been telling people yes or no if they got a shipment. Unfortunately, they are not telling people what is in the shipment or how many they got. The shipment could contain 50 of all styles, or it could contain 4 white 64GB VZW versions. She then said that if they have iPads & there is a line (which she said there has been one every day), they will open an hour early just to sell out their iPad stock.

    I can't speak for the Apple stores elsewhere in Atlanta, but I would be surprised if they were not doing something identical to Lenox.

    There also seems to be zero shortage on smartcovers & every other iPad accessory.

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    That's because the scalpers and exporters do not buy accessories. 90% just buy iPad 2s every morning and ship them overseas, and 10% try to flip them locally on eBay and Craigslist. Very few "end-user" customers are able to buy one in a store due to these jerks, so they have no need for accessories either... :D
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