Atomic 2D Platformer recieve's excellent game review !!

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    IOS reviewer is a big iphone game site and did a review of my game Atomic 2DPlatformer I copied and pasted it here plus I will give you the link to the webpage where it was reviewed at.

    Atomic 2D Platformer Iphone Game review

    With the explosion of great platforming games that have come out this year, does Atomic 2D have what it takes to stand out in the crowd? Does Atomic 2D Platformer add anything new to the iphone gaming mix or is it just another iphone platformer.

    Graphics: 4.5/5 The main charactor Atomic has a cute box-head like paper monsters with a smiling facial expression. Some of the enemies have funny facial expressions also. There are animations for everything when you collide with enemies, smash bricks,etc.

    Music: 4.5/5 The music is a fast paced adventure type music and the game has an assortment of cute sound effects.

    Gameplay: 5/5 The gameplay is solid and has a good amount of variety. You start off with the ability to stomp enemies and use a flame power that can defeat enemies and break bricks that obstruct your path. As the game moves along you gain different powers like the flamethrowers, ice power which you can freeze the enemies or you even turn yourself into a fireball . You also collect coins along the way and face several boss battles. The game also include an old gameboy monochrome level with takes you back in time to the old handheld classic

    Overall: 4.5/5 Excellent game with tons of replay value. You have the main quest , you also have the unlockable achievements , and you can also unlock the boss rush arena where you go straight to fighting all the boss fights. This is one of the best iphone platformer games out and highly recommended if you love platform gaming.

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    Atomic 2DPlatformer best Super Mario Bros type game.
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    Thanks let me get some feedback if you get a chance.
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