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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hansonjohn590, Apr 18, 2014.

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    I apologize for the aggressive nature of the title, it's just this is frustrating me beyond belief. I have an a 'MacBookPro10,1', (early last year rMBP, running OSX 10.8.5) that I use for work. At my desk, my setup involves two external monitors I plugin via thunderbolt. At any given time, when I need to go to a meeting, I just unplug the cables and shut the lid.

    Some of the time, it handles this transition gracefully. Most of the time it doesn't. When I open the screen, any window that was displayed on another monitor stays there. No matter what I do, I cannot make it come back unless there is a portion of it visible and I drag it. Even pressing F3 (I think it's called Mission Control), will display all the windows, but clicking on it will still display 'off screen.' This forces me do a restart (sometimes I have to do it twice) that takes time and causes me to lose work.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a setting somewhere for this? I am coming from Windows 7 so I don't know much about OSX. Will upgrading to Mavericks help? I am hesitant to update as there are some known compatibility issues with our work software.
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    Let me say this -- Mavericks (10.9.2 currently) has much better multi-monitor support. I'd suggest trying it out. However even in Mountain Lion you shouldn't be losing windows to a phantom display. They should move to your MBP display when you disconnect the external.
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    I'm on mavericks and I still loose windows occasionally.

    One trick I've found to come in handy is to click on the lost app (on the dock or cmd + tab) and choose Window - zoom on the menu bar. Should bring it back to your display.

    Power point is a main offender of this in my case.
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    Mavericks will definitely help out with this, in fact that's one of the 'features' of Mavericks (better monitor support).
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    In my experience, it also seems to depend a bit on the program. I used to use three monitors at a time, and I found that some programs were very good about returning to the main screen when everything was disconnected, while others would either remain off-screen or would only have a few pixels on the main screen.

    I haven't used the three-monitor setup since OS X 10.7, and even with OS X 10.9 I rarely use dual monitors. Thus I can't say whether OS X 10.9 makes a difference in this regard. If it doesn't, I can suggest some third-party programs to help. I use the window manager Moom ($10), which can be used to center and resize program windows with keyboard commands, as well as to shift them between monitors (also with keyboard shortcuts). Centering a program window would bring it back to the center of your screen.

    An alternative is MercuryMover ($20), although I only used the demo when I really needed to get out of some tight spots with windows being stuck off-screen. I used MercuryMover before I discovered Moom; as far as I can tell, the feature parity should be the same.

    I hope it helps.

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