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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Cali4ever, Jun 3, 2011.

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    One of the commentators on that page did bring up an interesting point.

    The CEO says that in 2-3 years both Verizon's LTE and AT&T's LTE will be "indistinguishable."

    Ok, so that's the news: It'll be 3 years until AT&T matches Verizon.

    But the headline says something different. It says that AT&T is 3 years "behind Verizon." To hear that makes you think that in 3 years both networks will have advanced the same amount and that AT&T will still be 3 years behind. And that's not what he said at all.

    Now, I'm used to AT&T not telling the whole truth and probably de la Vega's comments are all BS...I'm not saying he's right...I'm just saying that the headline was poorly written based on the quote they had.
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    Yep, the headline is crap.
    They usually put up stuff like that to get the readers attention but once you read the article you realize that the headline doesnt make much sense.
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    Verizon had 3G fully deployed across the USA in 2007. By 2013, they'll have LTE everywhere they serve.

    AT&T hasn't even deployed 3G across its footprint. Although it would be nice to see, it seems pretty unlikely that they'll do anything more widespread with LTE.

    When AT&T talks about parity, they're usually talking about the number of people served, not geographic area. Which is okay if you stay near cities.
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    To AT&T's defense it required a tad bit more effort for them to deploy UMTS overlaying their GSM network than verizon overlaying their 1xRTT network with EvDO. That said AT&T er um Cingular way back when had they known data services were going to be as crazy as they are now probably would have not just "tested the waters" with UMTS but compulsively deploy UMTS nationwide.

    One thing I always wished for but knew was unlikely would be for Verizon to overlay their entire EvDO network with HSPA like Bell and Telus...THAT would be beautiful.

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