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    When My family plan of 3 iphone 4's contract w Att ends - . What is best way to lower cost? What other carriers can I use these iPhone 4's on?

    If I buy gophones and put sims in iPhones, is that for minutes only, not data? Anyway to get att iPhone on metro pcs?

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    Only by using AT&T gophone sims or H2O sims. You can purchase data and I believe H2O has an unlimited plan that includes data texts and calls.
    There's a few other local carriers sims that use AT&T's network also that will work with your AT&T locked iphone.
    And no, you cant use it on Metropcs. That's a CDMA carrier.
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    I believe your iPhones will only work on tmobile. I don't think metropcs is an option since they're CDMA. I also would like to know the options, particularly if there is a flat fee option (like metropcs) that an iphone4 can be used on...
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    I just converted my iPhone 4 to h2o and it was very easy. $50 (tax included) for unlimited talk, text, and MMS +250 mb of Data.

    1) Get an unactivated h2o precut microsim. $.99 shipped on eBay.
    2) Call h2o before putting sim in phone.
    3) Give h2o your Act Fast # off of the sim card that you get. (it will be on the credit card size sim card holder that should come with it)
    4) Have them port your number from AT&T. They will need your password and account number for the account.
    5) They will activate but not add money to the sim card. The process of porting the number took me approximately 18 hours.
    6) Once the card is activated, go to the h2o site and "recharge" your simcard. (Note that your PIN is the last four digits of your ported telephone number.)
    7) Once you add funds to your account, the iPhone will be able to make calls within a few minutes.
    8) To get your data to work, go to, create a new profile for h2o, and install.
    9) To get MMS to work, you will need to jailbreak your phone and install an application called TetherMe, and then change a few of the network settings. Search YouTube and there will be a step-by-step procedure for this.
    10) Enjoy getting more for less!

    Also, although the h2o site says that you can activate on your own, I had issues with the site stating that my sim card was already activated. H2o confirmed that this was not the case and activated it. Plan on being on hold for 30 minutes, but it is well worth the wait to save a ton on your monthly bill!

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    Thanks for all the help. I am JB at 4.3.3 but not unlocked. Any issue with being JB? Do I have to unlock?
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    You don't have to unlock for anyone that resells AT&T service like H2O does. In fact the H2O sim will activate your iphone.

    If you have unlockable modem firmware then and only then would t-mobile/simple mobile be an option.
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    keep in mind renew dates and contract ending dates can be different. I can get a new phone Jan 8th. However at&t says the contact isn't up till July 8Th. My ETF right now would be $175. Debating switching to h20 myself.

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