ATT/DSL problems with airport express?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by machintash2008, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Hi - I hope I am doing this in the right place, and i apologize in advance for not being very up on the lingo, please feel free to dumb down any response for me ;)

    I had DSL through SBC Yahoo for three years....I'm on a mac (10.4.11), using a siemens speedstream 4100 and airport express. Worked perfectly. Called on the 10th to have home phone service disconnected but keep DSL, now trhough AT&T. They gave us a dryloop number and said we'd be without DSL service for up to 8 hours. That was 7 days ago.

    i won't go into ALL THE FRUSTRATION I have been through with AT&T but in the end they said my modem doesn't work. BUT if I hardwire the modem directly into the laptop I'm online in an instant. When i called to tell AT&T that they said then obviously the problem is my airport express doesn't work but they have no experience with Apple products so they can't help me configure, reset or whatever has to be done to get me online.

    Does anyone know in super layman terms what I need to do to get back to the wonderful service I used to have? AT&T started telling me to change things from DSL to automatic, bridge this, don't bridge that, change to PPPoE...seriously, I am sooooo confused and angry right now I don't know what to do and i need the DSL for work. Any help would be REALLY appreciated! Thank you!

    oh - one other oddity...when i would go to to set up the acct, it would ask for the access code on the bottom of the modem. When I entered it (and it was correct) it would come back saying it is invalid, so I couldn't go any further. hmmmmm?
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    Feb 3, 2008
    Safari and siemens dont play well. you will need to use firefox to open the modem logs at

    As far as the rest goes, and I dont know much how the express works, as I dont have one, I have a time capsule. Does the express do any routing capabilites? Does the airport utility have any place that says pppoe login or anything to that effect?

    What I would do, is open firefox, go to, and make sure your userid and login are properly filled. Then I would simply put the hook the express to the modem. You should have 4 lights lit up, power, ethernet, dsl, and internet...

    This should enable the express to broadcast wirelessly....
  3. TEG macrumors 604


    Jan 21, 2002
    Langley, Washington
    Depending on how at&t has it setup, either the Modem or the APX needs PPoE settings set.

    Likely, since it works when directly connected, the Modem has the right information. You should simply need to return the APX to factory settings.

    To do this you will need to disconnect it from the wall, then connect it again (holding a pen in your hand to press the reset button). When the light comes on, press the pen into the hole. Keep pressing until the APX flashes amber, green, amber.

    Then open AirPort Utility to configure the APX. Simply set it in bridge mode, getting its address via DHCP and everything should be fine.

  4. skruggie macrumors member

    Dec 11, 2005
    thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    I also have AT&T DSL, all of a sudden for absolutely no reason the airport express stopped responding several days ago.

    I unplugged, did a reset and it is now responding. This was the one and only thing I had not done during my week of troubleshooting. Can't believe it was such a simple fix.
  5. Camelodnum macrumors newbie

    Dec 14, 2010
    Multiple computers and airport express.

    With Airport express I should be able to run 2 PCs from a Speedstream Siemens router via Ethernet cables, and connect AE via Ethernet. However, what happens is that it appears to be either the PCs that run or the AE. Both will not work at the same time. I have tried bridge mode and that is not successful. In order to return the PCs to their previous access, a reboot of the Speedstream is required. The IP address is acquired automatically. AE is not acquiring this address automatically if the other two computers are there first and vice versa. I cannot see how a reset of the Speedstram could solve this. Any suggestions?

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