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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by YsoSerious, Dec 8, 2016.

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    I just got an email from ATT saying I went over my 1 terabyte usage for the month. I didn't know it was capped? I had TV and internet through ATT until it the promotional period ended last month. I cancelled tv waiting for DIRECTV now to come around. I've never been notified about usage and we stream a lot of stuff.

    Is there an internet package that do not have caps? Unlimited of sorts?
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    Direct TV Now is available--at least in the US. Supposedly streaming DTV Now over ATT networks is exempt from data usage charges. It's probably worth a try, particularly since prepaying for 3 months gets you a free Apple TV 4.
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    With ATT/Uverse internet (at least in my area) you can pay an extra 20-30 dollars a month for unlimited. The above post is correct in that if you have ATT cellular service you can stream from your phone or tablet without impacting your data. However, they haven't extended that deal to ATT/Uverse internet at this point and the streaming of DirectTV Now does impact that data limit.

    I was told by a rep on their support site that on hour of steaming in HD should equate to around 3gigs of data. They offer one terabyte of data. So if all you do is stream television (not realistic) you should get over 300 hours a month. I just signed up for ATT/Uverse internet and I'm monitoring it pretty closely these first few months to see if it's a good deal or not.
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    I have the DirecTV Now app, on my AppleTV. I than looked at how quickly it added up. It seemed to use about 6Mb/sec of data bandwidth when active. I noticed that notation on my ATT bill a few months back, and thought "what the heck". Like their mobile accounts (which is why i moved to T-mobile than) they're putting data caps on home internet too. One thing I knew, I WASN'T going to pay and an ADDITIONAL $30 to get unlimited. I also wasn't going to bundle in a DirecTV satellite account with temporary price, to get it either. With the additional modem/box rental costs and such. It would all get excessive again.

    That's why I recently dropped ATT U-verse internet, and switched to Spectrum (formerly TWC). The need to drop ATT was my way of saying "F Y". At least Spectrum has faster speeds and NO data caps. That may change again at some point, than I will find a different option. Thankfully, we HAVE options.

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