Att model to use on Tmobile?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dominion2009, Apr 5, 2016.

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    so I've been in to the Apple store several times looking for a silver SE in 64g. Today they finally had one but it's an AT&T model. Now does this mean that it just comes with an att sim? Or will some of the bands be different? They are both GSM but I'm worried about the infamous band 12 lte or any others being absent for Tmobile. Can anyone please clarity for me? I'd really appreciate it as I when ahead and purchased the att model but obviously I can return if need be.

    Thanks very much!
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    The phone will have the right bands for T-mobile. The phone if you don't buy outright in full will be locked to AT&T. I have read an article on technobuffalo I believe which states all phones bought in full at the Apple store will be unlocked no matter the carrier. Even if it's locked and if your patient AT&T would unlock it for you after 30 or 60 days I believe? The phone will work on AT&T, T-mobile and verizon since it's the same exact model
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    Thanks so much. Yes I did pay full price. I'm just gonna pop in my Tmobile sim. I was more worried about the bands but sound like it will be all the same.
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    You can look up the LTE bands here:

    There is no real AT&T or T-Mobile model. They're both model A1662 and therefore support the exact same LTE bands.

    So don't worry and enjoy your SE :)
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    I can confirm that the AT&T variety of iPhone SE is unlocked when purchased at Full price from Apple (in store or via Mail order) just like the SIM-free iPhone SE. In the case of the iPhone SE, Model 1662 is use for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. This SIM-free iPhone SE is also Model 1662.

    You can verify that it is unlocked by restoring it as "New" in iTunes or completing the activation on the phone and connecting to iTunes when prompted. Note: if you do an OTA activation, you will not see the "Congratulations" unlock message but your iPhone SE will still be unlocked. Since you are a T-Mobile customer, just put your Nano-SIM in you are good to go as long as you did not provide an AT&T phone number during purchase.

    There are only a couple of minor differences between an AT&T one and the SIM-free. The AT&T variety comes with a pre-installed Nano-SIM and no SIM removal tool.


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