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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dhy8386, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Just so its clear since all these threads have such misinfo -

    All pre-orders for iPhone are being shipped by Apple. However both ATT and Apple are fulfilling and taking the orders. They do not ship to ATT first then ATT re-ships to end user. The only reason ATT gives you that "based on available stock" crapola is because they are not in control of the actual shipping and thus do not have the actual visibility into stock as apple.

    Thus if you get an order confirmation from either site, you are just as likely to get it on the 24th. Same shipping method. Time of day is simply dependent on the FedEx route.
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    Good info and this actually makes sense as well.
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    Who ships it does not matter. Allocation is what counts. AT&T does not know exactly how many units Apple will allocate to them -- that is why they can't count inventory. So just because Apple does the fulfillment does not mean that Apple will not fulfill it's orders ahead of everyone else.
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    This is not true, last year I ordered the 3GS from ATT and Apple... the ATT ones come from Texas and Apple ones come straight from China to the main FedEx hub in a parcel where they are broken down and dispersed. They aren't all coming from China (although they initially did), unless they changed it from last year.
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    Theoretically sure. But anyone ordering today (or frankly for the next couple of days) most likely is going to be fulfilled. They didnt sellout last year for like a week or two if my memory server me. If there have been issues they are one-offs, never mass scale.

    Again thats why I said ATT gives you the qualifier about orders online being processed on first come first serve basis. Its because they dont have the actual inventory visibility and they have to say that.

    But stop trying to scare people about which site they order from...
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    Sigh. Also incorrect. I pre-ordered by 3GS from Apple last year and it came from Arkansas. They have multiple fulfillment locations in the US. However due to the massive amount pre ordered, they are making right up until the ship day and many many many have to come from Hong Kong.
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    I'm not trying to say they all ship directly from China, just they aren't all coming from Apple. The AT&T ones come from the AT&T headquarters / fulfillment in Texas.
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    I ordered from AT&T last year on the 4th or 5th day of preorder and it came on release day so I'm not too worried. I was going to order from Apple this time just to switch things up, but since the store is down I just ordered from AT&T again. No problems with them at all last year. I don't remember where the package came from, but I'm assuming it was from within the US or else I would have remembered it.

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