ATT reps are people too :)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ShohanS, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Sep 16, 2014
    Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
    Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Cody Ritch'
    Cody Ritch: Hows it going Mohammad!I am here to help you with all your billing needs.
    mohammad : Hi
    Cody Ritch: Hows it going tonight my friend?
    mohammad: going well thank you for asking
    mohammad : . I recently signed a 2 year contract extension and upgraded to a new iPhone. I was hoping I could have my upgrade fee waived or credited to my account
    Cody Ritch: Ya know what Mohammad, Not a problem at all. :) let me get that upgrade fee waived for you.
    mohammad : i ordered 3 iphones
    mohammad : is that okay?
    Cody Ritch: I would only be able to waive one unfortunately
    Cody Ritch:
    mohammad : i see
    mohammad : either way awesome
    Cody Ritch: Yeah, If i could do more I would.
    Cody Ritch: But hey man its better than nothing :)
    Cody Ritch: When did you do the upgrade?
    mohammad : september 12th
    mohammad : iphoe 6+
    mohammad : 64gb space gray
    Cody Ritch: Okay just a minute.
    Cody Ritch: Alrighty I have put in a 40$ credit for one of the upgrade fees for you.
    mohammad : awesome
    mohammad : i also have a question about shipping
    Cody Ritch: Ask away.
    mohammad : i ordered my phone on the 12th. My estimated ship is on october. i have seen numerous people online who ordered after me on att but is recieving the phone on the 19th. Why is that?\
    Cody Ritch: I actually heard some people got them today Mohammad.
    Cody Ritch: If somebody ordered from the site after you they shouldnt get the device before you.
    Cody Ritch: The dates they have been giving are like the guideline they have to set because some customer will not get them until those later dates.
    mohammad : i see so there is still a chance. Thank you so much
    Cody Ritch: There is indeed still a chance!
    Cody Ritch: I am hoping to order mine soon but I know i wont get it for a while haah
    mohammad: lol no hookups for att employees?
    Cody Ritch: .....If only.
    Cody Ritch: Some of the higher ups get awesome deals.
    Cody Ritch: Not us though haha.
    Cody Ritch: I want the 6plus 128 sooo bad but I dont know if I am ready to hand over 499$ for a contract haha.
    mohammad : smh and bet you guys are the ones to deal with the angry customers
    mohammad: yeah but atleast resale is going to be high
    Cody Ritch: you have no idea seriously
    Cody Ritch: We really try to make sure everybody is happy.
    Cody Ritch: But some people really cant be please man.
    Cody Ritch: The outright is like 949$ prior to taxes lol
    mohammad : i work in sales i know that struggle
    Cody Ritch: THE STRUGGLE IS SOOOO REAL Mohammad
    mohammad : yikes thats rent. first world problems
    Cody Ritch: Literally rent money.
    Cody Ritch: Or car payment AND insurance.
    mohammad : what can you do :/
    Cody Ritch: Invent something worth millions
    Cody Ritch: Got any ideas?
    mohammad : invent a system for att where everyone isnt in the dark with preorders until the last minute? lol
    Cody Ritch: :(
    Cody Ritch: I wish they could give everybody way more information.
    Cody Ritch: Its mostly apple that keeps all of us in the dark
    mohammad: i see
    mohammad : and you guys get all the blame
    Cody Ritch: Exactly
    Cody Ritch: Like some customers need to understand we get paid to make sure they are happy.
    Cody Ritch: So we are always willing to help.
    Cody Ritch: But they sometimes think we dont want to, which is never the case.
    mohammad : sounds like you guys had a nightmare this week
    Cody Ritch: Its going to be a few nightmare months.
    Cody Ritch: Christmas is literally going to make us all crazy I am sure haha.
    mohammad : i can only imagine
    Cody Ritch: Its an interesting life mohammad, thats for sure.
    mohammad: worth getting yelled at?
    Cody Ritch: Gotta make a living.
    mohammad : indeed
    Cody Ritch: Being nice and a good person doesnt pay the bills all the time haha.
    mohammad : are the reps for att in the US? i assumed all from south asia
    Cody Ritch: Hahahah mohammad my man I am in upstate NY
    Cody Ritch: Born & raised.
    Cody Ritch: Some of the centers are over seas, but we really try to keep our support in the US because sometimes it does get difficult with language barriers.
    mohammad: where in upstate? im from xxx
    Cody Ritch: I cant be super specific.
    Cody Ritch: But I can say, GO ORANGE haha
    mohammad : Ahhhhhhhh
    mohammad : syracuse fan too
    mohammad : i used to go to oswego college so been there
    Cody Ritch: I know a few ladies from up that way hahah
    mohammad : get em'
    Cody Ritch: Hahah Mohammad this has been one of my funnest chats honestly
    mohammad : likewise man. Pleasure to chat, ill leave you to your work
    Cody Ritch: Thanks man. Seriously been a pleasure buddy.
    mohammad : good luck with the mobs!
    Cody Ritch: If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
    mohammad : no thats it thanks. Goodnight
    Cody Ritch: Alrighty have an awesome night man and thank you so very much for choosing AT&T.
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    Sunny Florida
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    Bengals for life?
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    Sounds like a good guy. More CS reps need to be like this.
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    I was waiting for you to ask him for the credits for the other 2 phones before you said goodbye!
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    thats too smooth for me
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    Just got mine waived. Do some FAN discounts get the fees waived anyway?

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    Go Orange!

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    I too had two good AT&T reps recently that were informal like this, but also very helpful. Then I had one that wasn't very good. Definitely depends on the rep...
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