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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wentwj, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Anyone gone through this? I have a plan with ATT right now with two iPhones and a non-smartphone and I'm considering jumping ship to Verizon. In the past I've always had to enter my phone number to get the cheap prices when upgrading. So if I order phones online is there a way I can set them up for a new account with Verizon? Anyone do this with the iPhone4 last year?
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    I did this the other way last year for the iPhone 4. I was able to order the iPhone on the apple site and put in to switch my number from Verizon to ATT.

    If ATT is like Verizon, you will pay for the full month even if you were only active for 1 day. After that month is up, you will be billed for your ETF if you have one.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    almost exact same situation

    After reading the first post I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as well:

    I am also currently the primary holder of an ATT family share plan with 2 iPhone 3GS's and 1 dumb phone. I want to switch to Verizon (ATT is terrible where I am in Chicago) and order 2 new iPhone 4s's and 1 new dumb phone.

    My question is: Can I do this online when preordering starts? In other words, will Verizon's online ordering process allow me to order 2 new iPhones and 1 dumb phone on October 7?

    If not, I was thinking of just ordering the 2 IP4s's online on Oct. 7 and calling customer service to add the dumb phone to the order. I assume the 3 phone lines will be ported at the same time once the phones arrive?

    Also sort of a related question:
    When I got my 3GS's and dumb phone 2 years ago an ATT store employee let me preorder/reserve the phones a week prior to launch. I went there on launch day and picked up my reserved phones. Does anyone know if Verizon does this?

    Thanks in advance!

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