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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by oceanwest, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Ok i am an early adopter.

    I stood in line last year and got the 5s. And if I wanted to get an "early-upgrade" which is $200 less then full price i would have to wait till my anniversary (9/21/2014)

    ATT and Apple didn't sync their launch day from last year, so any who stood in line last year will have to go with NEXT or will have to pay full price or WAIT a few days and then get an upgrade.

    I spent the morning on the phone with ATT

    If I wanted to enter a new 2 year agreement the way it was explained to me was to go on and get a new line of service and then get the device fully subsidized ( 6+ 128GB = $499 ) plus the activation fee of $40

    Then if I had a old flip phone OR even an LTE tablet i could take that device and add that to the plan: take the new phone number and assign it to the flip phone or tablet, then take my old number and assign it to the 6+ this would release the iPhone 5s from the contract and allow me to sell it off. - However the device will still be locked to ATT until 2015.

    The cost of the tablet is only $10 a month and the flip phone would be $20 which is cheeper then the contract price of $40.

    Then by next year i would have a device eligible for a subsidized upgrade.


    I think the other option was to go Pay Full price for the phone or add NEXT which is basically the same pay up front or over time (and yes you can pay off early after 2 billing cycles )

    If i paid full price the device is unlocked and it would be added to my account replacing the 5s and it will serve out the rest of the contract as an unlocked device. This would release the 5s to be sold - but again still locked to ATT.


    can anyone corroborate this? - have you added a second line to do a multi device swap?
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    Jul 24, 2014
    I don't know whether to be amused or sad that people are willing to go through this kind of hassle just to get the new phone on day one. Anyway, hope it works out for you. Sounds complicated.

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