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    Dec 1, 2011
    Hi, wasn't sure where to put this but as I have an iMac I thought I'd go with that.
    Today while on Photobucket, a site new to me, I had a small window saying I'd got the chance to win an iPhone when I clicked on message box at the top of the screen. Now I alway ignore such pop ups and just close them, but there was no option to close this one. I tried closing the site but it wouldn't close down. So i closed the computer down but the window was still there when I logged back on!
    In desperation I clicked OK on the window, hoping I could then quickly close it, to my horror I couldn't! I tried closing Safari but it wouldn't close. I tried closing the computer but it kept saying Safari wouldn't let it close. In the end I closed down everything else and just turned it off. Not a good move I'm sure.
    I turned my Internet connection off and rebooted. At this point I was able to force quite Safari.
    Now my worry is could this mean that I've allowed something to access my iMac?! Up to now I've had a PC and always had a virus guard. I feel a bit helpless now that there is nothing I can run to check all is okay.
    Do I just assume I'm okay or do I look to getting a virus guard,and if so what?
    Any advice would be welcome.
    Many thanks for reading, Jude
  2. Occamsrazr macrumors 6502

    Apr 26, 2012
    Several points...

    1) You should stop browsing porn sites :p

    2) This sounds like the classic malware attack and you'll probably need to replace your hard drive to be completely clean. Sometimes the virus can infect the master boot record which is not cleaned by a simple re-install.

    3) I'm full of bologna. You're fine - don't worry!

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