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    Sep 10, 2008
    in an earlier post i mentioned that i had damaged my iphone screen. everythings fine except the cracks over the glass screen.

    im not able to pay £100 fees to apple to replace my phone. after watching some videos on youtube and finding replacement parts. i have decided i will attempt to fix it myself

    i know it will void my warranty, but as far as that goes, its a useless heap of **** to me as it didnt help me out when my screen cracked. i'm thinking bout purchasin a new iphone when they get next updated so im not too fussed if i make a mess of it, i just want the screen to be in one piece again.

    so im throwing the **** into the fan an taking it into my own hands to fix it.

    the thing is i need some some pointers to get me started.

    i have found this site and they sell the parts. my questions are

    1) has anyone used this site before, is it a good place to go ?


    2) to make it easier to fix it if i bought the screen & digitizer:

    "iPhone 3G touch screen with front glass. If you have cracked your iPhone 3G digitizer and the LCD underneath is OK, you will need this part."


    should i just buy the screen it self:

    "iPhone 3G front glass only, no digitizer included. If you have damaged just your front glass and both the touchscreen and LCD are working fine, this part will repair your iPhone 3G."

    common sense would tell me to go with the 2nd option, as that is my problem, but would it make it easier to repair if i just replaced the digitizer too ?


    awaiting replys asap
  2. John T macrumors 68020

    John T

    Mar 18, 2006
    This site has a good reputation. They sell spares and there's a good set of photos showing how to dismantle the iPhone 3G.

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