Attention all Apple resellers! Please read this!!!

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    My business class was recently assigned the task of surveying entrepreneurs/small business owners of businesses that interest us. For this, I turn to the wonderful people here at MacRumors. If you currently own or have owned a business that resells Apple products, please take the time to answer the following questions, and PM me with the answers. Help appreciated. Thanks!

    Name and e-mail
    Name of Business
    Years in Operation
    Location of Business

    Why did you choose to enter this line of work?

    How much prep work is required to enter this type of business?

    In the initial start-up stage, how much time per week did you spend on the business?

    Briefly describe a typical day.

    Describe the marketing portion of your business plan.

    Before the business began operation, were you worried there was not a market for the product(s) in your area?

    Are you satisfied with how your business has performed?

    Briefly describe any initial struggles.

    Being a reseller of Apple equipment, do you consider your business to be at a disadvantage in relation to retail stores owned by Apple?

    If given the chance, what would you do differently with your business?

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