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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by madoka, Jun 13, 2006.

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    eh.. you honestly get what you pay for. these people obviously know when they have a very valuable coin. the only expensive ones they ship out are the ones that fell threw the cracks. it might be fun to buy just because you might get something cool... kinda like buying a woot mystery box...
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    My guess is that these guys are pretty sure there are little to no "valuable" coins in this batch. But because they were perhaps found under water the natural shifting of water may have caused some gold coins to by chance mix with the cheap ones. Id say that cleaning the coins is a bit of a project and not make it worth the while for them to clean and hope for gold. They will most likely make more money by selling "mystery" batches then cleaning them themselves.

    As it stands now-

    185 available @ $21.99 = $4255

    There may be one or two goldies in the remaining batch plus cleaning time = alot of work for little or no payoff.

    Still pretty cool IMO. Im tempted to do this with my son...
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    The eternal law of eBay.

    The person with the knowledge makes the money.

    The person who only thinks they know what they are doing pays the money.

    If you are thinking you can outsmart a seller, you are setting up to be the chump, here.
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    That's not just a law of eBay; it's a fundamental law of economics. :)
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    It's not that I think I'm trying to outsmart the seller. I didn't think I'd find a bunch of gold coins or anything. But I'm rather shocked that such old coins are so cheap. Is this the normal going rate for them? I mean, buffalo nickels and wheatback pennies can go for more and these coins are hundreds of years old. Seems like something cool to do with my son.

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