ATV 4K Samsung Denon setup ?


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Apr 26, 2011

I have a ATV 4K with the correct HDMI cables, Denon AVR2200W & Samsung 8 Series 4K SUHD TV.

Being struggling for weeks to get HDR running from the ATV 4K to the Denon then back to the Samsung so have settled on ATV 4k to Samsung with Audio being passed back to the Denon via the ARV HDMI port.

Picture is adjusted well on the Samsung

My only unanswered question is do I get an 'inferior' sound experience in terms of the tech such as Dolby / DTS by first pushing video / sound to the TV which then in turns outputs it via the receiver or should I pursue the option of try to get the Denon configured that it connects to the ATV 4K and picture to the Samsung

Primary apps are Plex and 4K content via iTunes and Netflix on the ATV

The Denon supports all the relevant HDR / 4k / passthrough so I am sure it just config but it is eluding me.

Get it working through the receiver. Trusting that you'll get full quality sound back from a TV is probably only going to be frustrating. Receivers are made for this very kind of thing, so figure out the settings to get it working correctly (of course verifying that the receiver is capable of doing what you are wanting to do here).

If you find that the receiver is not actually up to snuff here, perhaps look into an HDMI splitter device between :apple:TV and receiver. Split HDMI video to TV and audio to receiver. BUT again, receivers are supposed to do exactly this internally. If that Denon doesn't do it, consider replacing it with another receiver.


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Apr 19, 2017
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If the receiver is getting a lossy 5.1 DD signal over HDMI from the apple tv or lossy 5.1 DD over optical from the tv, either method should not make a difference in terms of sound quality.
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Apr 7, 2009
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I also run an ATV 4K through a Denon X2200W and have no issues getting HDR on my Sony X900E. This makes me believe it’s an issue with the TV. Do you have the TV HDMI ports setup up as ‘enhanced’ format, or something along those lines? HDMI cables plugged into TV ports that support HDR?


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Apr 26, 2011
Thanks for the replies guys, going to definitely going to give it another go tomorrow because I really want the receiver to be handling the video / audio content rather than having split like I currently have it.

Sure it is just config / a setting buried in a menu somewhere
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