ATV and mirroring a MBA screen


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Jun 9, 2009
I am planning to buy a new HDTV within the next 2 weeks. now with the rumors spreading around and the info i looked up on "air parrot", i am more than ready to make the purchase and get more use out of my HDTV.


1. how are the animations, graphics, etc. with this mirroring feature? i don't plan to watch movies from my mba, i just want a bigger screen to view the internet, music, and the occasional photo edit.

2. is my mba capable of this new mirroring? i have a 2011 mba 11" i5.

3. any experience with it first hand?


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Mar 30, 2011
I can't speak for the air but on my MBP to the atv3 in 1080p Air Parrot just rocks. I use it mainly to watch Hulu via the web as Hulu Japan doesn't support the osx player and it works great. On high settings the video is smooth and the audio perfectly synced. The only issue is an odd sort of day when using the mouse from time to time but setting the quality lower fixes that while still keeping a great picture on the tv.

Well worth the $10.
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