aTV Future


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Sep 5, 2009
I actually enjoyed the article.

I find it much more probable that Apple sticks with the Apple TV instead of releasing a HDTV.

Truth is, that not a single HDTV will interfere with the Apple TV. You just select HDMI-1 and forget about all the crazy "Smart TV" features new HDTVs come with.

Siri could be a part of the Apple TV. Motion recognition could be part of the Apple TV.


Give the Apple TV enough power to play games, and it could actually mean a big hit in PS3/XBOX sales. Specially with kids games.


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Aug 1, 2010
I agree with Gizmodo, and I will continue to repeat this:

Why make a full blown TV when you can make a $100 box that can turn every HDTV in the world into an Apple product? It just keeps making more and more sense.

I recently switched from Roku to Apple TV, even though I knew I would have to use mirroring to use Hulu Plus--with all the content that we have in Apple's ecosystem, it just made way more sense in our house to have Apple TV. Luckily we only had it for about a month before they added HuluPlus, so we didn't have to go without for long.

But in using this thing every day, I've realized THE APPLE TV is what should be Apple's next big thing. Yes, they could make an actual TV and put a retina display on it and blah blah blah--but I really feel like the better business decision would be to keep investing in this little streaming box. They could literally just bypass the software on every competitor's product and overlay their own setup. They'd make a ton of money on little hardware cost.

At the very least, they should develop for both in parallel. Make a TV if you really must, but the Apple TV hardware could still be the center of it and you could sell and develop for both the TV and the streaming box in tandem. As long as the content is there, it will be brilliant.


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Dec 14, 2010
I agree I hate all these smart TVs now. All I want is a tv with a good picture. I have a good stereo, blu ray player, xbox 360 and also just ordered an appleTV. I think it would be a bad idea for apple to make a TV. As others have said hook appleTV up to any tv and the TV turns into an apple device.