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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by BarkingGhost, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I am exploring for someone else. The idea is to use the ATV as a physically connected device to a classroom projector, and then use AirPlay to mirror an iPad desktop. The instructor would otherwise not be in front of the class, but wandering around the classroom.

    The act of showing media, drawing simple line illustrations, equations, etc. and wirelessly having it transported to the ATV and projected on a projection screen in real time.

    My concern, through is the output video resolution. I understand the ATV may be matching best case iPad desktop resolution vs. the lower commonly offered HD resolution, but I am a little concerned over 720P (in 16:9 aspect) being projected onto such a large surface.

    At this point, I am wondering if one should wait for higher desktop resolutions and ATV capabilities to present themselves. Also, I am curious as to secure setup so that the bored and capable students don't go hacking the in-class activities.
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    What do you need higher resolution for? For the security, as long as the network on which the ATV2 and the iPad are on has a secure enough password, it should be okay.
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    Probably not what you want to hear but I just jail broke my ATV2 using SeasonsPass on the Firecore web site. It's a one click install process. After that you simply install Flash (Black) 1.3 which installs a few different small apps into your ATV2 such as a native media player that plays 1080p including subtitles. I have a whole library of 1080p mkv files. I was shocked to find out that my ATV2 plays 1080p mkv files without a hiccup. This makes the ATV2 the best media server out there bar none. No BS or shady installs needed. You can also mirror your iPad to the ATV to the connected TV and I'm assuming projector with HDMI. Also the iPad3 with 1080p will be coming out within weeks. Perfect match.

    Try the JB. You won't be disappointed.

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    Sep 21, 2011
    If you have a whole library of 1080p-files but can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p, you're wasting storage space...

    The ATV2 plays 1080p, but downscales it to 720p. Jailbroken or not.
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    How am I wasting space when I've got PLENTY of space lol ? I got TBs. I'll never run out. Even if I did the old stuff would be deleted by then anyway. When I watch 1080p on my new "27 Apple display I can EASILY see the diff between 1080 & 720 since I have to stretch out the 720 for full screen viewing. On my TV yeah I don't see much difference but on my Apple display I certainly do. That's why I keep 1080p. Why not?

    Btw on a 60" flat screen the diff between 720 and 1080 is quite easy to see.
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    If you don't understand it, I'm afraid I can't help you.

    Kind of what I said when I got my first 35 MB HDD (yes, MB, not GB). "Man, this is so much storage space I'll never need to buy another drive ever"...

    You want to know why you don't see much difference on your TV? It's because the ATV2 can't do more than 720p output. You're not getting 1080p when playing 1080p video files with your ATV2, you're getting a 1080p video downscaled to 720p.

    Not if you're playing it with an ATV2, which is the topic here.
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    ATV3 is coming with 108op so if we are on the topic of ATV then all he needs to do it wait a few weeks.

    I don't care if my 1080p is getting downscaled because as you said on my TV I don't notice it. I DO NOTICE it on my Apple display.

    Also I don't care about space because I have TBs and delete/purge all the time. I don't use data like it appears you do. I don't keep the same data for eons. I will never need better quality than 1080p and my TB HDs are never more than 1/4 full (because I purge).

    I've been using less than 8GB on all my iDevices since they came out in 2006? I NEVER TOP out and have never needed the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. So yes, I do understand. It seems you don't understand how to manage your data. I never listen to or watch 64GB of data on my iDevice in two days or so. I thought I would but never did and never will. Unless there comes a day when one file=64GB at which point the device and tech itself will be completely different than what we're using now and so then the conversation will be a moot point.
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    He still hasn't answered my question though; what would he need the higher resolution for.

    What I said initially was that if you can't see the difference between 1080p and 720p, it's a waste of space to keep 1080p copies. Apparently this doesn't apply to you, so consequently you're not wasting space. On the other hand, you say you'll never fill up your drives and that you "purge" when more than a quarter is being used, so you've clearly wasted money...

    I don't really see the point in "purging" material that I've bought, that has affectionate value to me or that I've put down a lot of energy into creating. Do you throw away books or DVDs after having read or watched them because they take up too much space in your bookshelf? Or would you delete pictures and movies of your kids because you're running out of storage space?

    You sure are right though, it seems like we don't use "data" in nearly the same way. It appears you exclusively deal with pirated material that you've downloaded online...
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    Ok, so first, if you aren't the system/network admin. Talk to them!! The primary reason is that ATVs create quite a bit of traffic over the network. Plus, if both are connected wirelessly, it can bring a wireless access point to its knees pretty quick if very many are active.

    In fact, an Apple engineer that spoke at a meeting I went to yesterday even cautioned us about putting too many of ATVs on a single network segment. All that to say, talk to your network folks!!

    As for the image, I've tried it once, and the quality was good enough. It probably wasn't as big as you were going, but the image quality will probably depend more on the projector than on the ATV itself.

    You can secure it with a password. That will keep everyone out if the password is good enough, and once you connect your machine the first time, it won't ask you for the password again.

    Oh, and back to the network, the ATV doesn't go across subnets, so if your wireless and wired networks are on different subnets, you'll want to make sure that you don't hook the ATV up through the wired connection.

    Again, talk to your network folks, and theyshould have most, if not all the answers about the network side of things.

    I hope that helps!!

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